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St. Patrick’s School is a minority educational institution managed by the Archdiocese of Bhopal. It is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi and its affiliation number is 1030544. This School was established in 1987 for boys and girls and has undergone metamorphosis to become the premier educational institution of Sohagpur. The school has withstood the test of time and each student has become a pillar of this institution. The institution is known for its excellence in discipline, education, training and leadership. The school is totally private, un-aided and does not receive any grant-in-aid from any Government.

The objectives

Education is not merely the development of the mind but also of the heart, feelings and emotions of a child. The innocence of a child transforms into maturity. St. Patrick’s school thus aims at making its own contribution towards this transformation of

the prevailing social conditions so that the principles of Natural and social justice, equality and freedom as enshrined in the constitution of India may prevail keeping together human dignity and self-respect. To this effect, special efforts are made:

  1. To help the students become mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually mature citizens.

  2. To instil in them the sprit of nationalism, patriotism and understanding.

  3. To encourage the habit of self confidence, self reliance with independent reason and judgement.

  4. To educate them to respect and obey elders, parents, teachers and further discipline themselves for hard work, creativity, co-operation, team work and leadership.

  5. To inculcate in them the dignity of labour, self respect and love for others especially towards those who are less fortunate.

  6. To educate them to speak the truth respect the truth and seek and stand by the truth, especially towards those who are less fortunate.

  7. To identify their talents, fields of interest and develop them with able guidance.



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