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Admission to this school is restricted to the seats available. Admissions are open to all the people without any distinction to any class or creed.

Norms of Eligibility


  1. Admission forms must be duly filled in by parents supported by relevant documents as desired by the school within stipulated period. Failure to do so shall be a valid reason for cancellation / rejection of the pupil’s name from the list.

  2. Admissions are strictly done on the merits of the pupils and any effort to influence the authorities through recommendation or corrupt methods, falsification of the date of birth etc. Automatically disqualify the applicant from getting admission.

  3. A pupil who joins afresh from home or from any other school has to produce his/her official birth certificate/ transfer certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form. Birth certificates issued by the Municipality shall be held valid. The date of birth as recorded by the authorities shall be considered legally correct and no change or alteration will be allowed later on.

  4. The principal reserves the right and discretion to admit or not to admit any student without assigning any reason for it and his decision shall be final.

  5. Being a minority institution, the principal reserves the right to admit students of the Catholic minority community on a preferential basis.

Admission to Class XI

  1. Class X is a terminal stage in the Secondary School and Senior Secondary School’s Scheme of Education followed by the School. Hence admission to class XI in this school shall be a fresh admission to the institution.

  2. An application form for admission to class XI must be submitted immediately after the board declares the results.

  3. A student seeking admission in any stream should have obtained the required aggregate as well as required marks in particular subjects according to the school norms.

  4. Academic performance in class X examination alone shall not make a student eligible for admission to the school. Good conduct and behaviour, regularity in attendance, and consistent academic performance in previous classes are essential for seeking admission to class XI.

Norms for Eligibility

  1. Mathematics Streams

    1. To be eligible to seek admission to Mathematics stream, a student should have obtained a minimum of 70% aggregate marks, 75% in Mathematics and 70% in science in the Secondary School Examination, conducted at the end of class X.

  2. Biology Stream

    1. To be eligible to seek admission to the Biology stream a student should have obtained a minimum of 60% aggregate marks, 70% in Science & 60& Mathematics in the Secondary School Examination conducted at the end of Class X



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